E-Bike Conversion Kits

To build an ebike from scratch, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Choose a frame for your ebike. You can use a frame from an existing bike or purchase a new one.

2. Select a motor and a battery for your ebike. The motor should be powerful enough to provide the desired level of assistance and the battery should have a sufficient range for your needs.

3. Install the motor and the battery on the frame of your ebike. You will need to attach the motor to the pedals or the rear wheel and mount the battery on the frame.

4. Connect the motor and the battery to a controller. The controller allows you to adjust the level of assistance provided by the motor and manages the power flow between the battery and the motor.

5. Install the necessary components on your ebike. These may include a throttle, a display, and a brake lever.

6. Test your ebike to ensure that it is functioning properly and that all components are working together smoothly.

7. Fine-tune the settings on your ebike to optimize its performance and customize it to your preferences.

Building an ebike from scratch requires a good understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the ability to work with tools and follow instructions carefully. It is a challenging project, but the end result can be a unique and personalized ebike that meets your specific needs.

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    Upgrade Your Bicycle with the BAFANG BBS02B 750W MID DRIVE Motor for a Smooth and Powerful E-Bike Experience
    $362.00$510.00 Select options
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    Bafang BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD 48V 52V 1000W BBS02B 750W 500W 48V BBS01B 250W 36V Mid Drive Motor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit
    $488.00$799.00 Select options
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    Electric Fat Bike Rear Wheel Kit 48V 750W 4.0 Tyre Brushless Hub Motor Bicycle Conversion with 20Ah 19.2Ah Import Battery Pack
    $729.00$1,041.00 Select options
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    Bafang 48V 1000W BBSHD BBS03 Mid Drive Motor Electric Fat Bike Conversion Kit With Import 20Ah 960Wh Battery 68MM 100MM 120MM
    $766.00$1,333.00 Select options
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